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5 Bad Eating Habits To Break

5 Bad Eating Habits To Break

Many people follow some bad eating habits, and these habits are often harmful to the body, because they cause great disturbance in the digestive system, and have other dimensions more harmful such as angina. There are some bad habits during and after eating, like eating fruit, tea and soft drinks immediately after meals, as well as exercising, smoking and bathing after meals, as well as the habit of sleeping after eating directly, this habit negatively affects the entire health of the person.

  • Exercise After Meals:

Some people do some exercise after eating directly, and these are also habits of the wrong digestive system and the health of the person in general, and some people go to exercise and eat, and then return to exercise again, or some athletes eat food between the two stages of the exercise Warm up, and exercise after eating meals directly from bad habits, because exercise in general lead to the withdrawal of large amounts of blood to the parties and parts used by the person in the exercise, and thus decrease the amounts of blood that paddle To the gastrointestinal tract and stomach, causing indigestion and disturbance of the digestive process as a whole, and any physical activity such as walking, cycling, running and swimming immediately after eating, causes the person to get tired quickly and exhaustion and nerves and then appear a state of weakness and dizziness and decline It is not sufficient for the muscles and limbs that move and make great effort, and also the amounts flowing to the stomach and digestive system is not enough for the process of digestion and absorption , Which means delayed supply of the body food and energy, which is needed as a result of movement and activity, and thus do not play the blood circulation function properly, and occurs severe indigestion, dizziness and sitting on the ground.

  • Soft drinks:

A large group of people put cold drinks during eating, eat them during eating or after eating directly, and this habit is widespread among adults and young people, despite the danger to public health and digestion, and the causes of danger that soft drinks are always cold, After food, which is often in a warm state leads to a sudden and rapid temperature of the stomach, which affects the amount of digestive enzymes produced by the stomach, which decrease significantly, and therefore a major disturbance in the digestion process is not fully digested and is also affected process absorption of food, and the person loses a large part of these foods that turn into excreted excrement of the body without benefit, and a severe shortage of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and salts, thus making the person in constant hunger and devour large amounts of food in an attempt to compensate the body for these elements The food lost by drinking soft drinks, in addition to these soft drinks contain a large amount of sugars, which descend on food in the stomach and lead to a state of digestion and fermentation of food.

  • Reflux and Obesity:

The digestive system is affected negatively in the case of sleep after eating directly, where the digestive process stops in this period, and some disorders within the digestive system, including the infection of some intestinal and stomach infections, as a result of incomplete digestion, a team of Japanese researchers to sleep after Eating should expose the patient to some health problems. A period of time between sleep and eating should last at least two hours after finishing the meal. This period reduces the occurrence of stomach acid reflux. The research team recommends that you stop eating before sleeping, As cause Sleep after eating Obesity and rapid weight gain, due to blood saturation of sugars after eating, which represents the energy necessary for movement, so the lack of use of energy in motion and activity, will store in the form of fat and grease scattered in the body, distort the body shape and increase the weight And the stomach is blocked by pressure on the lung, and this is clearly reflected in the breathing process, the person becomes in a difficult condition during the entry into the lungs as if he had a large stone over the lung, and the sound of snoring during sleep as a result of Press to Place to broaden the lung.

  • Relaxing:

Lack of movement and lethargy cause a lack of blood circulation or poor blood flow, compared to movement, activity and alertness, as well as when a person is in the pre sleep state, where the body is heaving and the nerves are impeding the sleep attack. The blood flow rate begins to calm and slow down. This is the reason for the occurrence of atherosclerosis, and it is scientifically known that sleep helps to calm and slow all the biological processes inside the body, including digestion, causing large quantities of gas inside the abdomen, and most Cases of angina The owners are attacked after eating meals and then sleep immediately, and it is necessary to pass enough time between the completion of eating and prepare to sleep, in order to take the stomach period necessary to complete digestion greatly, and tips to get rid of the disadvantages of this habit, is a case of Relax after eating and before the immortality of sleep, so as to make a kind of activation of blood circulation within the stomach, blood flows to the stomach and intestines in order to contribute to digestion naturally, then the blood begins to absorb nutrients caused by digestion, Tissue The body and the distribution of the share of each cell of food and oxygen, this process takes after eating between two to three hours.

  • Fruits and Smoking:

Eating fruits immediately after eating is also unhealthy, as digestion of fruits takes longer than other nutrients. In the case of ingestion, food mixes with fats, proteins and nutrients, causing severe digestion and disorientation. Food remains high in the stomach and occurs. It has a lot of nutritional value with the emission of a lot of gas and swelling of the abdomen, as well as bathing immediately after eating wrong, because hot water activates blood circulation and requires blood in a large area of ​​skin, and reduce the amount of blood flowing to the stomach to complete digestion It is bad habits to smoke immediately after eating, and smoking one cigarette immediately after eating is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes at normal times, because the blood circulation is active during digestion and the transfer of nutrients from the stomach to the rest of the body, The use of nicotine is also a major cause of nicotine poisoning. Post-smoking also causes food contamination in the stomach with nicotine and the blood-borne infection of the food, causing cancer of the pancreas, cardiovascular disease and stomach ulcers, as well as drinking tea directly after food is harmful. Food, contains acids reduce the speed of digestion and cause indigestion, lifting the belt pants during or after eating cause volvulus in some cases.