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Staying Healthy When You’re Pregnant

My Healthopedia Team women&baby

It can be said that the probability of pregnancy for married woman ranges from 15-25% every month, but there are some factors that affect this ratio, for example, this percentage is lower in cases where women suffer from menstrual cycle disorders, as well as in case of the woman is older than than 30 years, And may be greatly reduced by the age of 40, it is worth mentioning that the suffering of women from some diseases and health problems may adversely affect the possibility of pregnancy as well. It should be noted that the period of fertility of women, which is often on the same ovulation day, in addition to the three to five days before the day of ovulation.

Pregnant Dental Health:

 The care of gums and teeth is essential for the pregnant woman, such as taking care to brush the teeth and applying the paste twice a day, and in addition to cleaning the teeth with a special medical thread several times a week to be more careful to get rid of any residue of food may attract microbes, To visit the dentist regularly; to detect any damage to her teeth, and follow-up before the problem, and difficult to solve; because the pregnancy weakens the resistance of the gums to infection, and increases the ability to bleed, and visit the doctor to check the safety and wellness of teeth and gums of the pregnant woman.

Care for pregnant skin

Skin care gives the pregnant woman an internal stability, increases her satisfaction and happiness. Pregnancy can lead to increased skin fat, and oily skin generally needs washing and cleaning. 

Normal use is enough, or the use of therapeutic preparations for the cleaning of oily skin, and thus get rid of excess fat, and reduce the increase of secretion, as well as skin care through the juice option, which is washed face

To remove blackheads, it is recommended that a steam bath be applied to the face and to eliminate the boils. Wet cotton can be passed with the mint juice on the place to be treated. Dry skin is used as a banana mask and moisturizing milk for the skin.

The pregnant woman hygiene:

A daily bath is an important necessity during pregnancy not only for the purpose of cleaning, but also for a sense of vitality, and to overcome some of the problems of pregnancy; such as the sweat germ that causes foul odors; due to the invasion of microbes and fungus to areas Excessive sweat, like armpits. 

  The use of warm water in the bathroom is better than the hot water that exposes the skin to dryness, and in the latter part of the pregnancy, the work of warm water baths becomes particularly important; the bath helps to resist contractions that indicate the imminent birth.

Healthy food for pregnant:

 Good food is essential to the health of the pregnant woman and child, which grows in your gut, and derives your need from your food through the placenta. You need to create a food stock. The body of the pregnant woman needs an extra daily calorie intake of about 200 calories. Body need for calcium is increased two times more than normal, and vitamin C to three times the amount of iron.

  Pregnancy provides a great opportunity to get used to eating a healthy diet, compensating the body for the nutrients that the pregnant woman may neglect, and healthy food to be maintained during pregnancy, fruit and vegetables to supply the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

  Moderate amounts of carbohydrates, grains, such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes are required to obtain sufficient energy and moderate amounts of animal and plant proteins such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products, , Oils and sugars.

  Pregnant women should avoid tea, coffee, and cola during pregnancy; that they contain caffeine, which causes side effects, so they should be replaced with natural juices and healthy beverages.

Prohibited things during pregnancy

  • X-ray tests.
  • Taking alcohol or any drugs that affect mood.
  • Take any drug without consulting a doctor.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Eat raw eggs, because it may lead to poisoning (Salmonella).

Pregnancy complications

 In fact, women may suffer from some health problems as a result of pregnancy, which is known as pregnancy complications, even if they are healthy before pregnancy. On the other hand, some women may not suffer any complications. In general, the most important complications can be summarized as follows:

  • Anemia


This condition is a decrease in the number of healthy red blood cells from the normal limit.

  • Depression:

    A pregnant woman may feel very sad during pregnancy.

  • Ectopic pregnancy 

    is the ectopic implantation of the fetus, usually in the fallopian tubes. It should be noted that this pregnancy cannot be completed, so the fetus must be miscarried either with drugs or surgery.
  • Gestational Diabetes

    High levels of glucose in the blood during pregnancy, often accompanied by no symptoms on the affected woman.
  • Hypertension

    Some pregnant women may experience pregnancy-related high blood pressure. This type of hypertension is diagnosed after the 20th week of pregnancy and often disappears after birth.
  • Miscarriage:

     known as fetal loss before the 20th week of pregnancy, is often discovered before the woman knows that she is pregnant. It should be noted that the abortion rate is high, up to 20% of all pregnancies.
  •  Placenta praevia

     is the movement of the placenta to cover the cervix or part of it, often showing symptoms of bleeding without pain.
  • Preeclampsia: 

    The woman suffers from high blood pressure, along with a host of health problems and disorders in some organs such as the kidneys, and occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy.