The Importance of Diet Consistency for Weight Loss

The Importance of Diet Consistency for Weight Loss

The Importance of Diet Consistency for Weight Loss:

There are many diets, and most provide excellent results. If you can stay consistent. Unfortunately, many people who have a diet program want quick results, forgetting it took a long time to amass the weight they are trying so hard to lose.

Have you tried several diets to lose weight or gain weight but can’t seem to get the right results? You are not alone. But you are doing it wrong if you expect to lose it suddenly.

Most people who have lost weight and kept it off know that the secret to dieting successfully lies in staying consistent and losing it slowly. That combined with regular exercise can ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

You might have heard of people losing 40 pounds in a month with a particular diet. This might be true and you can do it too. However, such diets put the body through hell. Worst, many who take this unhealthy route eat their way back to their original overweight size. In trying to lose weight, never lose sight of your health.

According to the results of a study conducted at the Drexel University, researchers found that consistency and steady progress is the most important factor for losing weight and keeping it off for good.

The study involved 183 obese or overweight adult residents of Pennsylvania. The researchers followed the progress of the participants for over two years. The research showed that subjects who experienced weight fluctuation a few weeks into their weight loss program had the worst results on completion of their diet program. The experiment also showed that those who lost weight slowly through consistent dieting and regular exercise witnessed the best weight loss success.

While commenting on the study, lead author Emily Feig said the research shows that keeping your diet similar every day is an important factor for weight loss. This might be hard because of the complications of life. However, you can stick to your diet by planning your meals ahead of time. Prep your meals, cook your food, and reduce the number of times you eat out. That way, you are in full control of what you eat.

How often you should weigh yourself?

You rate at which you lose weight depends on the diet and your physiology. If you are on carb-restrictive diets like Keto or Atkins, you will lose weight drastically in the first weeks before your progress dwindles.

It is important to limit your weigh-ins to once per week. Frequent weigh-ins will only reflect the small weight losses and you may even notice gains on some days. This may lead you to believe your diet isn’t working and derail the program.

It’s best to stay on your diet and step on the scale after every week to get the actual picture of what you have lost. Also check out yourself in the mirror and observe the fit of clothes on you. It may not be obvious yet, but you are shedding weight when you follow your diet strictly.

While your progress might be slow, a healthy and consistent diet that aligns with your weight loss goal is the best way to achieve your ideal body. It might not be fast, but the slow way is more sustainable, healthier and increases your chances of success.