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Ajwain is bitter and pungent in juice, bitter in Pak, hot in semen, sharp and short in quality. In effect, there is a lamp, digestion, palatability, choleretic, spermicidal, purulent and gout-disorder.

Ajwain (carom seed)

It is bitter in taste, hot in semen, short and sharp in quality. In effect, it is a diuretic, a fire lamp and has fever, gout, phlegm, ulcer, colic and eye disease. It is especially the destroyer of uterine colic, heartburn and rheumatism.


Bitter and pungent in clove juice. Small in quality, cold in semen, beneficial for eyes in effect, destroys lamp, digestive, palatable and phlegm, trisha, ulcer, colic, breathing, sneezing, hiccups and decay.

Cloves :

Cardamom juice, small in quality, cold in semen, phlegm in effect, cures phlegm, burning sensation of breath, earache, piles, and is a destroyer of gout. Big cardamom is anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory.

Cardamom :

Cinnamon is sweet, spicy and fragrant. It is vata, bile, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory, rhinitis, and tristhenic. It is used in pulses, herbs and medicines.

Cinnamon :

Coriander is astringent, pungent and somewhat bitter in juice, sweet in culinary, warm in semen, aliphatic and short in quality. Its effect is diuretic, pyretic, digestive, antipyretic, palatable, and receptor.

Coriander :

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