"Claiming What's Yours: Understanding Social Security Divorced Spouse Benefits"

Social Security Divorced Spouse Benefits allow eligible individuals who have been divorced to receive benefits based on their ex-spouse's work record.

Eligibility criteria include a minimum 10-year marriage duration, the individual being at least 62 years old, current unmarried status, and the ex-spouse's eligibility for Social Security benefits.

The benefit amount is generally calculated as 50% of the ex-spouse's full retirement benefit, but it can vary based on factors like the individual's age, other income sources, and earnings limitations.

Individuals can still qualify even if the ex-spouse has not claimed their benefits, provided they have been divorced for at least two years.

To apply, gather necessary documents, contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) through various methods, complete the application, provide required documentation, and wait for a decision.

Benefits are not retroactive, so it's crucial to apply as soon as eligible.