"The $255 Death Benefit: A Guide to Access the Social Security's Lump Sum Death Payment"

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The Social Security Lump Sum Death Payment is a one-time non-taxable payment by the U.S. Social Security Administration to help survivors with immediate financial needs upon the death of a Social Security recipient.

To qualify for the Lump Sum Death Payment, the deceased person must have been fully or currently insured under Social Security. Eligible survivors include the spouse, dependent children, or in some cases, dependent parents.

The Lump Sum Death Payment is a fixed amount of $255, unadjusted for inflation, and is separate from any ongoing survivor benefits. It may not cover the full extent of funeral and burial expenses.

Applicants need to provide the death certificate and proof of their relationship to the deceased, such as a marriage certificate for spouses or a birth certificate for dependent children.

A lump sum death payment claim must be filed within two years after the date of death. Beneficiaries typically receive the Death Payment within a few weeks to a few months after the application is approved.

While the payment can contribute to immediate expenses, it may not be sufficient to cover the full extent of funeral and burial costs. The Lump Sum Death Benefit is separate from ongoing survivor benefits.

To apply, survivors need to report the death to the SSA, provide information about the deceased, verify eligibility, complete required forms, and submit documentation.

How to Contact Social Security (SSA) to Receive Death Benefit ?