Social Security Parent's Benefits

Benefit from SSA for Dependent Parent of a Deceased Worker.

Social Security Parent's Benefits provide financial assistance to parents who have lost a child, aiming to ease the financial burden for parents at least 62 years old.

Eligibility criteria include the parent being at least 62, dependent on the deceased child for support, and the child having sufficient work credits.

Benefit amount is determined by the deceased child's earnings record; higher earnings mean a potentially higher benefit for the surviving parent.

82 ½% of the deceased worker's retirement or disability payout may go to one parent. In the event that two parents are eligible for benefits, each could get up to 75%.

To apply, contact the Social Security Administration (SSA), schedule an appointment, gather required documents, complete the application, provide additional information, and wait for a decision.

Required documents for application include Social Security numbers, birth and marriage certificates, and the child's death certificate.

Apply as soon as possible after the child's death for retroactive benefits. If a parent marries, their benefit can end, and if entitled to a higher retirement benefit, the parent's benefit will cease.