25 Effective Home Remedies for Gain Weight | Lifestyle, Diet & Tips

Weight Gain

What is Underweight ? An effective personality matters a lot in the age of modernity and competition. An attractive body can attract anyone, for which it is very important to stay fit. It has been seen that along with obesity, the leanness of the body affects the personality badly. Especially, it has become a matter … Read more

Chest Pain | Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Home Remedies

Chest Pain

What is Chest Pain ? Chest pain refers to discomfort or aching sensations felt in the chest area, often caused by various underlying factors ranging from minor muscle strains to serious cardiac conditions. There are many reasons for chest pain. There are many types of symptoms felt when there is chest pain. Heaviness and pain … Read more

Dizziness | Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies & Prevention


What is Dizziness¬†? Dizziness is a sensation of lightheadedness, unsteadiness, or a feeling of spinning or vertigo, often accompanied by a loss of balance and potential nausea. Dizziness (Vertigo) is not a disease. Rather it is mainly a sign of physical weakness. The problem of dizziness (nervousness) often arises due to headache. This makes you … Read more

Anorexia Nervosa | Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies

Anorexia Nervosa

What is¬†Anorexia¬†(Distaste) ? Anorexia Nervosa is a serious mental health condition characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight, leading to severe restrictions in food intake, often resulting in extreme thinness and malnutrition. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by an unusually low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a deterioration … Read more

Natural Ways To Prevent Diabetes Before & After It Starts

Prevent Diabetes

You can prevent the onset of diabetes by making lifestyle changes. Making some changes in your lifestyle now can help you avoid serious health complications of diabetes in future. Below we have given some important prevention methods, which will help you to prevent it before and after diabetes. How to Stop Diabetes Before It Starts … Read more