10 Best Foods to Stock Up on This May, According to Dietitians

Welcome to May—a month bursting with delicious seasonal foods that can transform your meals and support your health goals! If you’re looking to eat well and make the most of what nature offers this season, dietitians recommend stocking up on these fantastic picks:

1. Asparagus: Picture bright green asparagus spears, tender and full of flavor. May is the prime time to enjoy this versatile veggie, packed with fiber, vitamins A, C, and K. Try grilling or roasting them for a simple yet tasty side dish.

2. Strawberries: Who can resist sweet, juicy strawberries in May? They’re not only delightful but also rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. Add them to your breakfasts, salads, or desserts for a burst of flavor and nutrition.

3. Artichokes: Don’t miss out on artichokes this month—they’re not only tasty but also loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Steam or grill them and enjoy the tender heart for a nutritious treat.

4. Spinach: Fresh spinach is abundant in May and a powerhouse of nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamins A and K. Toss it into salads, blend it into smoothies, or sauté it as a healthy side dish.

5. Radishes: With their crisp texture and peppery kick, radishes are a refreshing addition to any spring salad. They’re low in calories but high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

6. Peas: Fresh peas are in season and perfect for adding a pop of sweetness to your meals. They’re a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and vitamins. Add them to stir-fries or enjoy them steamed as a side.

7. Salmon: Treat yourself to wild-caught salmon, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D. Grilled or baked, it makes a delicious and nutritious main course.

8. Rhubarb: Known for its tangy flavor, rhubarb adds a unique twist to desserts and jams. It’s also a good source of vitamin K, calcium, and fiber.

9. New Potatoes: Early-harvested new potatoes are tender and delicious, rich in potassium, vitamin C, and B-vitamins. Roast or boil them for a comforting side dish.

10. Cucumbers: Stay cool with refreshing cucumbers, perfect for hydrating snacks or adding to salads and sandwiches.

Why Go for Seasonal Foods?

Choosing seasonal foods isn’t just about flavor—it supports local farmers, reduces your environmental impact, and ensures you’re getting the freshest, most nutritious produce.

Tips for Incorporating Seasonal Foods into Your Diet

  • Plan Meals: Build your meals around seasonal ingredients for variety and freshness.
  • Visit Farmers’ Markets: Explore local markets for the freshest picks and support local growers.
  • Get Creative: Try new recipes to make the most of seasonal produce and keep meals exciting.
  • Preserve the Bounty: Freeze or preserve excess produce to enjoy later.

This May, let’s savor the abundance of fresh, nutritious foods available and make every meal a celebration of the season! Enjoy exploring new flavors and nourishing your body with nature’s best offerings. Here’s to delicious eating this May!

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