Stomach Disease | Causes, Symptoms & Ayurvedic Medicine

What is Abdominal (Stomach) Disease ?

सर्वमेवोदरं प्रायो दोषसंघातजं यतः।

अतो वातादिशमनी: क्रिया: सर्वत्र कारयेत्॥

All the diseases of the stomach are tridoshaja, therefore actions should be taken to pacify the three doshas everywhere. Agnipradipak and small meals should be taken in this disease when the stomach is defective. There are eight types of abdominal diseases due to a separate defect, both pharynx and mucous membranes. A pleurisy from typhus, pterygoid, thoracic and abdominal diseases. It is best to use barley, moong, milk, infusion, arishta, honey etc. in this disease.

Causes of Stomach Disease

Abdominal diseases arise due to excessive accumulation of doshas and clogging of sources. Therefore, abdominal patients should be given daily virechana. For purgation, one should drink castor oil with cow urine or milk.

From the word Udar, the organs of the small intestine, colon, liver, spleen and abdominal region, living in the abdominal region, are taken. And the name of the pathology occurring in these regions is considered to be abdominal disease. When the Mal-Vataadi Dosha (Urine-Puresh) increases due to the weakness of the gastric system, then many different diseases arise from them. Weakness of fire and abdominal diseases arise especially from the increase of stool.

When the fire is slowed down due to undigested food, when the food is not digested properly. Then the doshas start accumulating in the abdomen. This accumulation of doshas contaminates Pranavayu and Apanavayu in particular and clogs the upper and lower paths, when the upper and lower passages are blocked, then those contaminated stools and Vatadi doshas come between the skin and the flesh and create depression in the abdomen and cause abdominal diseases.

Symptoms of Stomach Disease

रोगाः सर्वेऽपि जायन्ते सुतरामुदराणि च।

अजीर्णान्मलिनैश्चान्नैर्जायन्ते मलसंचयात्॥

Digestion of food takes place in the stomach. When there is a disorder of digestion, the accumulation of doshas takes place in the various organs of the abdomen, liver and spleen, etc., due to which the vatadi doshas stop there and the stomach becomes swollen, there is mild pain, rumbling in the stomach and all the symptoms of indigestion are found. Along with this, symptoms of headache, nausea, anorexia, laziness etc. are also found.

Origin of Stomach Disease

Abdominal diseases are caused by the consumption of excessive heat, salts, alkalis, undigested food and acid, in addition, due to the stopping of the velocities of stool and urine, contamination of the sources of stool and urine, due to non-digestion of food and mental distress, and due to excessive consumption of curd etc., Arsha. Or due to Vata, due to stagnation of stools and also due to rupture of bowel, abdominal diseases arise.

Loss of appetite, sweetness of the mouth, aliphatic and late digestion of food grains, dissolution of the food eaten, slight swelling on the feet, continuous loss of strength, shortness of breath with little exertion, etc. are the precursors of stomach diseases.

There are eight types of abdominal diseases – a pleural effusion and a phlegmon due to a separate defect, a pleurisy from typhus, pterygoid and abdominal pain.

Ascites occurs in the final stage of every colic and this is an incurable stage of colic. Therefore, it should not be neglected in the beginning of stomach disease. If there is no accumulation of water in the stomach of a strong person and if the stomach disease is new, then it is possible if it is treated diligently. Almost all abdominal diseases are curable as soon as they arise. Patients suffering from abdominal diseases should be cleansed by giving virechana regularly. By giving virechana the accumulated doshas come out. The mouth of the sources is opened, due to which diseases are cured. In venereal colic, only virechana containing affection should be used.

For the quenching of stomach diseases, the powder of pepper, dry ginger, dantika root, chitraka’s root and vidang-the powder of these five substances should be taken in equal quantity and twice the quantity of haradaka powder should be consumed with hot water. Meat, rich food, rice flour, sesame seeds, exercise, sleeping during the day, walking on horse riders, hot, salty, sour, parting food should be abandoned.

Many yogas have been described in the treatment of abdominal diseases. If the phlegm in the body of patients suffering from colic becomes covered with air or bile or air gets covered by bile phlegm and the patient is strong, then drinking castor oil along with anti-colic medicines is very beneficial. To protect against contracture of doshas in abdominal diseases and for the stability of force, by the use of medicine, if the body is weakened and all the metals are weakened, Gudugdha is very beneficial.

Abdominal Disease

Ayurvedic Medicine For Stomach Disease

1) Mixing powder of dry ginger, black pepper, pippali, carom seeds, sandhav salt, white cumin, black cumin, asafoetida and taking one quantity of three grams with ghee before meals, increases fire and cures gout.

2) Agnitundi Vati two tablets each in the morning and evening after meals.

3) Kumaryasava – Mixing equal to four spoons of water should be consumed after a meal for a long time.

4) Madheka experiment – cumin [roasted], black salt, with black pepper.

5) Arogyavardhini – two tablets each thrice infusion.

6) Ashwininarayan churna – One spoon should be taken at bedtime. It is a panacea for all abdominal diseases. Amazing benefits have been seen from this.

Often due to irregular routine, most of the people suffer from Vibandhar disease. The result is Vatarsh (hemorrhoids) and abdominal diseases start from here. Special attention on the protection of liver in stomach diseases – consumption of balanced, digestible diet and proper adherence to routine is very important for good health and longevity.

In praise of Ashwininarayan Churna it is written:

नारायणं भजत रे पवनेन युक्ता

नारायणं भजत रे जठरेण युक्ताः।

नारायणं रे भवभीतियुक्ता

नारायणात् परतरं न हि किचिंदस्ति॥

By consuming it with different anapana, almost all types of diseases are cured. It is very beneficial for diabetic patient. By taking it along with other medicines, the benefits of medicines are also available soon.


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