Amazing Medicinal Uses of Basil in Various Diseases

Get Health From Holy Basil

Tulsi is a medicine found almost everywhere in India. This is also the worship of all Hindus. For this reason, its plant is planted in every house and worship is also done. It is known in Hindi as Tulsi in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal, Tamil Nadu and also in Arabia. By the way, it is also known as Haripriya, Madhavi and Vrinda. It has 60 castes. There are usually four types of basil-

(1) Rama Tulsi, (2) Shyama Tulsi, (3) Van Tulsi (Katherak) and (4) Mar Babard. We usually get these castes here.

Chemical Properties of Basil

A volatile oil is found in it. Which has medicinal use. If kept for some time, it solidifies like rhinestones. It is also called Tulsi Kapoor. It also contains kinols and alkaloids. Ascorbic acid and carotene are also found.

Medicinal Properties of Basil

It is used along with Giloy Neem in malaria treatment. Where there are basil plants, there are no malaria germs. The description of its qualities is found in the Padma Purana, Charaka Samhita, Harit Samhita, Yogaratnakar, Sushruta Samhita etc.

Religious Importance of Basil

Lord Shalagram is the real form of Narayana and without Tulsi no worship of him is complete. At the time of offering Naivedya etc., along with chanting of chanting and Ghantanad, the surrender of Tulsidas is also considered as the main part of worship.

At the time of death, water containing basil leaves is poured into the mouth of a dying person, due to which the dying person gets salvation.

Basil wood is used at the time of cremation. With this, one gets freedom from crores of sins, the rosary of Tulsi’s wood is called Siddha Mala, similarly Tulsi-Manjari has special importance.

Although the worship of Tulsi is done throughout the year, especially in Kartik there is a tradition of Tulsi-marriage. The rituals performed near Tulsi are very fruitful.

Medicinal Uses of Basil in Various Diseases

1) Fever :

By drinking a decoction of basil and black pepper, fever is quenched.

2) Vataschemic fever :

Mixing 6 grams of basil leaves, 6 grams of nirgunpatra vowels, 1 gram of powdered pepper, cures fever.

3) Enteric fever :

Tulsidal 10, mace mixed with 1 gram of honey should be fed for 21 days. It is beneficial in enteric fever.

4) Cough :

Taking equal quantity of basil leaves and Adusa leaves together provides relief in cough.

5) Auricle :

Putting basil leaves in the ear, earache is pacified. Toast basil leaves in mustard oil. When the leaves burn, filter it.

6) Nasal disease :

By distributing basil leaves in the nodules inside the nose gives relief by smelling.

7) Eye diseases :

Applying honey mixed with basil leaves in the eyes will benefit the eyes.

8) Hair disease :

Tulsipatra Swaras, /Garaj Patra Swaras and Amla powder mixed together stops hair fall, hair becomes black.

9) Semen-related diseases :

Grinding the root of basil and keeping it in betel gives strength to semen and increases erectile power.

  • Mixing the powder of basil-seed or root with old jaggery and taking it with milk daily for 3 months increases male power.
  • Taking basil-seed powder with water, it cures sleep disorders.

10) Urinary tract : 

Mixing one loaf of water, one loaf of milk, adding 2 tola of Tulsi leaves to it, and drinking it, it cures urinary tract infection.

11) Pooymeh :

Tulsipatra mixed with honey is beneficial.

12) Abdomen disease :

Taking basil Manjari and black salt together is beneficial in indigestion.

  • Drinking decoction of Tulsi Panchang provides relief in teeth.
  • Taking one spoon of basil, ginger juice mixed with one spoon, it provides relief in stomachache.
  • Tulsi Dal 21, grinding with bividang and eating it with water in the morning and evening kills stomach worms.

13) Amvat :

Tulsi leaves should be eaten by mixing carom seeds in vowels.

14) Vatarakta :

Regular use of Tulsi Dal for some time is beneficial.

15) Vata disease :

Basil leaves, black pepper-churna should be taken with Ghrita.

16) Blood disease :

Make a cup of 3 grams basil and Giloy and consume mixing sugar together.

17) Mouth odor :

Consuming 5 tulsi dal after a meal does not cause staleness in the mouth.

18) Poisoning :

By mixing basil leaves with cow dung, every kind of poison gets removed.

  • 2 grams of snake-venom-killed basil seeds should be eaten and applied after distributing it. When unconscious, put the juice in the nose.
  • Scorpio bite- Basil leaves after distributing the vowels in fourfold water and giving it for 5 to 5 minutes.

19) Headache :

Taking basil 11, black pepper mixed together ends headache. Taking this nasya is beneficial in Migraine.

20) Wounds :

Grinding basil leaves and alum finely and sprinkling them on the wound heals quickly.

21) Agnidagdha :

Applying Tulsi leaves mixed with coconut oil is beneficial when there is a fire.

22) Acne :

Tulsi swaras, lemon swarus mixed in equal quantity, it cures acne.

23) Arsh :

By applying Tulsipatra vowels on the moles, they get withered.

24) Manasrog : 

Distribute tulsi leaves or tulsi dal in apasmara and apply it on the body.

25) Applying mouse sting-basil mixed with opium poppy will be beneficial.

26) Applying tulsi leaves and lemon juice mixed with herpes-herpes, it cures ringworm.

27) Mixing neem leaves and basil leaves in itchy-itching-itch-itch, eat it and apply it.

28) White spots- Tulsi leaves should be mixed with Gangajal and applied. White spots are fine.

29) Applying tulsi leaves, peepal-leaf together in case of hair breakage provides relief.

30) In leprosy also, applying and eating Tulsi leaves and taking dry ginger and Tulsi root with water provides relief.

Self-realized yoga with Tulsi

Two Yogas are being written for the benefit of common people. These yogas have been obtained from Vaidyas – are self-realized.

Tulsi’s exorcism

When a person is screaming loudly after suffering from ghostly intoxication, then put Tulsi leaves in the water and do seven rounds of it and sprinkle water. In the end, feeding Tulsi leaves will be beneficial. Order that he is well.

Veterinary medicine with basil (in case of worm infestation of cow, buffalo)

When a cow or buffalo has become ill and has become a worm, then take a blue cloth on Sunday or Wednesday, take a branch of Tulsi, fold it and tie it in a cloth and tie it in the horn. In three days the worms will die and after seven days the wound will also dry up, then remove the medicine from the horn and break a coconut in the name of Lord Shankar. There will be benefit from this.

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