Asthma | Symptoms, Diet, Routine, Exercise & Panacea Remedy

What is Asthma ?

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways, leading to recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, coughing, and chest tightness. These symptoms can vary in severity and are often triggered by factors like allergies, respiratory infections, or exposure to irritants. Asthma is a very painful disease. It makes a person physically and mentally handicapped. It is believed that asthma goes with death, but if the patient is conscious of his health, follows a prudent diet, then the physical and mental sufferings caused by this disease are negligible and he can lead an invigorating and enjoyable life.


Symptoms of Asthma

The most common symptom of asthma is wheezing, a squeal or whistling while breathing. Other symptoms of asthma may include:

  • Cough, especially at night, when laughing, or during exercise
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty talking
  • Nervousness
  • Tiredness

Special Diet and Routine For Asthma Disease

Some small things to note are given below, which are amazing :

After waking up in the morning, before going to the toilet, drink one-and-a-half kilograms of water. It is better if the water is kept overnight in a copper or silver vessel. After retiring from routine work like defecation, brushing etc., take a katisan or keep both the legs moistened (wet) with water for 5 minutes below the knees. For this keep the knees and calves moistened with water by keeping the knees respectively under the water spout.

If there is trouble in standing, you can sit on a stool and soak it comfortably with a water pipe. After this, get up without wiping water, cover it well with whatever cloth you are wearing, if it is winter, then wear stockings up to the top, so that the blood circulation in the calves increases. From the chest (lungs) – blood circulation runs towards the feet, which makes breathing easier.

For sciatica, take a large plastic washcloth, fill it halfway with water and sit in it with some clothes. Keep in mind that the tub should be big enough that the water comes into the nucleus. Keep the feet out of the tub. It is good that the feet do not get wet. Keep rubbing the stomach below the navel with the right hand. Starting from the first 1 minute, gradually increase it to 3 minutes. Sitting for longer than this can cause damage.

This action also has the same importance as the knee, shin-foot bath. Sciatica is helpful in curing constipation, dysentery, stomach diseases, enlargement of the mattress, uterus, reproductive diseases, and bladder diseases. Do not do katisana more than 3 times a week. Do only one remedy in a day, you can do sciatica or knee, foot-bath or 1 day alternately. It is also very beneficial in knee, foot bath, leg, knee pain.

Those who are use to tea and milk etc. can take it after hydrotherapy, as well as regular medicines, they can also take 1-2 biscuits at this time.

Meditation & Exercise For Asthma

Meditation has a main place in breathing and heart disease. Do it in the way you know meditation. For meditation, sit on Sukhasan with a pedestal. Those who are unable to put a bed due to knee pain, can use a chair. First take a deep breath, close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand, take 10 long breaths and exhale.

Then close the left nostril with the little and second ring finger and take 10 long breaths through the right nostril and exhale. Then close the right nostril and take a deep breath through the left nostril, close the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril and inhaling through the right nostril, close the right nostril with the thumb and exhale through the left nostril. Repeat this process ten times. Keep repeating this process of inhalation and exhalation whenever you get time during the day.

After a small exercise of pranayama, focus on your in and out breath. The inward breath is going by touching the upper part of the lip and the outgoing breath is also coming out by touching the lower end of the nostril. Concentrate on the sensation of the touch of the breath. This is called the Anapana method. Meditation is done through continuous practice.

Initially, when you sit on meditation, the mind will be very distracted and will lift you from the seat. Therefore, do not meditate, you have to sit firmly on the seat. Initially, increase the duration from 15 minutes to one hour gradually. Vipshyana, a meditation method taught by Lord Buddha, has proved to be very effective in this.

Walking after meditation is also very beneficial in respiratory diseases. It is necessary to walk regularly morning and evening according to the strength of the body. Getting fresh air from this gives miraculous benefits and increases self-confidence, which is very important in this disease.

After walking, have breakfast before bath. The lighter the breakfast, the better the breathing will be. Best seasonal fruit breakfast, take mango, papaya, apple, banana, orange, pear, guava whatever sweet fruit is in your breakfast. Sometimes sprouted moong dal, gram etc. can be taken. If you feel the need, you can also take milk, it gives strength to the body. Respiratory patients fear that milk forms mucus, while milk is digestible.

Increases strength in the body and increases immunity. Therefore, one must drink one loaf of milk in the morning and evening. Diabetic patients can take cucumber, tomato, curd, sprouted fenugreek or moong in breakfast.

Panacea Remedy For Asthma

Dried fruits – almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, white pepper also benefit very well in respiratory diseases. Make a tablet of 5 raisins, 5 almonds, 2 white peppers and take it in the mouth in the morning and evening and suck it. Wash and dry the dry grapes. Take out the seeds from it and grind it in silver. Make powder by grinding almonds and white pepper in a mixer. Then mix dry grapes and almonds, chili powder together. Make tablets of size according to 5 raisins, 5 almonds and 2 white peppers. Suck in the morning and evening, it removes constipation. Digestion increases, mucus is release and there is an increase in strength.

Take roti, green vegetables in the afternoon and evening. Reduce the use of pulses. Moong lentils are light. Rice can be taken once a week. Do not consume sour, chili, oil, vegetable oil, fried items, wheat flour products, stomach acid foods, very cold items of ice or freeze.

Whatever you eat, be careful. Whatever harms the body, do not eat again because of the taste of the tongue. If the body is achy, then use food made from pure butter. Dalda and refined give damage in this. Apologies can take fruits. Pomegranate is very beneficial, removes mucus and gives strength and freshness like other fruits. The advantage of consuming more cucumber and fruits is that they do not allow the amount of acid to increase in the body.

In every respiratory patient, there is a lack of oxygen and the amount of carbon dioxide increases. Being alkaline, fruits are very helpful in maintaining the balance of alkali and acid in the body and removing harmful substances from the body. Milk can be taken at night while sleeping. Eat dinner early and try to go to bed early. The breather is forbidden to sleep during the day.

Drink 5-6 liters of water daily. Drink plain water in summer and hot water in winter. Take the same precautions in the bath. If due to change of weather, cold water in the rain or winter causes tremors in the body, then use hot water in the bath. Hot water increases the circulation of blood in the body, which causes sweating and helps in breathing.

Take bath according to the strength of your body. Fatigue in the body and the speed of breathing should not increase. If you want, you can take someone’s help. If there is constipation in the stomach, keep the stomach clean by taking Triphala, dry grapes or dried figs. The patient with breathing has the convenience of using European Latin.

Take any medicine in English, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic with the advice of your doctor. Those who have more breathing, they benefit greatly from the use of nebulizer. Use of nebulizers and pumps can avoid the ill effects of oral medicines. Before doing any movement in the body, make sure that it will not cause breathlessness.

If it is so – like excretion and before going for bath etc., must use the pump so that the breathlessness does not increase, do light exercise and pranayama according to the power under the supervision of any good knowledge. Kapalbhati, Brahadakshika (cool in summer), Nadishodhana, Pranayama and Konasana, Yogamudra and Matsyasana are very helpful.

If you are overweight, reduce your weight with a balanced diet according to your height. Consult a nose, ear, throat specialist and get the chest X-ray, blood test done with the advice of the doctor. Reiki-therapy has also proved to be very beneficial in this.

Call your doctor immediately if you :

  • Feeling weak
  • Can’t do daily tasks
  • It is important to educate yourself about your condition and its symptoms. The more you know, the more active you can be to improve your lung function.

Talk to your doctor

  • your type of asthma
  • triggers your symptoms
  • Are Daily Remedies Best for You
  • Is Asthma Cause By Fungus?
  • Does pollution cause asthma?
  • What are the symptoms and treatment of asthma?

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