Ayurvedic Remedy of Bottle Gourd for Heart Disease

What is Heart Disease and How Does it Happen ?

Heart disease is spreading rapidly today. Openness of food and drink, attraction to different types of non-vegetarian and rich food items in the competition of materialism, emptiness of physical labor, mental stress etc. are the reasons for the increase of heart disease.

When the veins of the heart become blocked, there is a possibility of a heart attack. Too much greasy, fatty food causes clots to form in the blood and its side effects come in the form of blockage of the veins.

Modern science has invented many very costly facilities like bypass surgery, pacemaker for the diagnosis of heart disease, but these cannot be used by the ordinary patient and the facts have also come to the fore that the person undergoing the operation has to face many other diseases throughout his life.

Amazing Ayurvedic Use of Bottle Gourd for Heart Disease

Gourd (Louki, Ghiya) has proved to be a panacea for heart disease. Many heart patients have used it and got rid of the disease.

The Method is as follows :

Wash the gourd along with the peel and puff. Grate the grated gourd. Its juice can also be extracted by putting it in the grinder.

While grinding the gourd, put 5-6 mint leaves and 8 basil leaves in it. Then strain the ground gourd and extract its juice. The quantity of that juice should be 125-150 grams. Add the same amount of clean water to it. Now it will become 250 to 300 grams of juice. Mix four black pepper powder and one gram rock salt in this juice. Now take this juice thrice in the morning-afternoon and at night after half or half an hour of having food.

In the beginning, the amount of juice can be taken less for 3-4 days. The juice should be taken fresh every time. If you feel some rumbling in the stomach in the beginning, do not be worried. This juice of ghee also removes the disorders in the stomach. If there is difficulty in taking the medicine thrice, then half a kilogram of ghee can be taken in the same way in the morning and evening.

Gourd has to be taken continuously for the first five days, then after giving an interval of 25 days, take it continuously for five days. It has to be taken for at least three months. Do not take any sour object during the treatment. Neither citrus fruits, nor tomatoes, nor limes. Along with this one tablet of Ecosprin 150 mg. Take Ampoline tablet in the morning and evening.

Panacea Remedy For Heart Patients

If the heart starts to mess up, another remedy is :

One spoon betel nut juice, one spoon garlic juice, one spoon ginger juice, one spoon honey – mix these four juices together and drink it. There is no need to add water to it. Drink it once a day in the morning and once in the evening. Use it free from stress and worry. If there is any other difficulty in the heart, then take the medicine which you have been taking. This recipe is 21 days old. In the future, if you keep taking this medicine every morning at one time, then heart disease will never happen.

Special Coating For Heart Patients

I will tell here another panacea for heart disease. Follow the steps mentioned below and avoid bypass surgery.

Soak one tola (1 tola is equal to 180 grains) black whole gram (urad) in hot water overnight. Take out the uradka seeds from the water in the morning and grind the black lentils or black gram with the peel on a cobweb. Mix this urdaki pithi in one tola of pure guggul powder. Put this mixture in a bowl, add 1 tola of castor oil and one tola of butter made from milk and mix it properly. Keep rubbing it for a long time. After taking a bath, wipe the body and rub this paste from the chest to the stomach. Lie down for four hours. Can even sit up. When the paste dries, take a bath. This experiment should be done every morning for five days. After a gap of one month, do it again for five days. There will be complete freedom from heart disease.

(It is necessary for heart patients to give up meat, alcohol, smoking etc. completely. A walk of four to five kilometers is also necessary.)

heart attack

Note : This Ayurvedic remedy and treatment is a common useful remedy. If you are infected with a serious disease, do not take any measures without consulting a doctor or medical professional.

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