Successful Ayurvedic Treatment & Medicine for Migraine

What is Migraine ?

A migraine is a type of severe headache characterized by intense pulsing or throbbing pain, often accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. It can significantly disrupt daily activities and may last for hours or even days.

Migraine is one of the fastest growing diseases of the present time. Migraine headaches are diagnosed based on clinical history, reported symptoms, and other causes. The most common categories of migraine headaches are those without aura (formerly known as common migraine) and with aura (formerly known as classic migraine). Migraines may begin in childhood or may not occur until adulthood. Women are more likely to get migraines than men. 

Causes of Migraine

According to ayurvedic texts, this disease arises due to eating dry food, after eating food, excessive consumption of cold things like ice-curd, etc. Due to these reasons (how does a migraine happen?) as well as from my experience this disease is caused by drinking less water, by painful travel of bus etc., not eating on time or waking up from raw sleep, due to heredity and menstrual disturbances in women. This disease is less in people who do physical labor and labor, farming. Those who do more work in writing and reading and intellectuals can also get this disease.


Symptoms of Migraine

Air is predominant in migraine. Sometimes phlegm is also found. Tridoshaja is also the cause of this disease in 25% of the cases. With the knowledge of the defects, it can be successfully treated. A special symptom of this disease is that if there is vomiting or if there is sleep for half an hour, then the disease becomes calm immediately. In the allopathic system of medicine, there is only a way to not allow the pain to be felt in this disease, but the disease cannot be destroyed by the root.

First of all, complete information should be taken from the patient in this regard. The reason that causes migraine, it is necessary to remove it. Many people get this type of complaint due to delay in lunch or doing it too early. Some women suffer from this disease while traveling in crowded buses. Therefore it is necessary to remove the root cause first.

Successful Ayurvedic Treatment on Migraine

In the treatment (relief from migraine), first of all, the patient should be given a mild medicine to clean the stomach, whether it is a woman or a man. On the day when stomach cleanse medicine is given, in lunch and dinner, only moong khichdi with ghee and sweet curry. Curd should be taken. From 10 to 20 grams in Khichdi. Ghee can be taken as desired. Then on that day, while sleeping at night, Madhukadi churna or sweet virechana churna should be given in the amount of 5 grams with 5 grams of isabgol extract, there may be diarrhea.

No fear, nothing to worry. This powder should be taken with two glasses of hot water, it is not good to take constipation medicine with milk or cold water. It does not clear the diarrhea. Its actual proportion is hot water. The main substance in the above mentioned powder is Mulhathi 2 Tola, Sanay 1 Tola, Saunf 6 Masha, Pure Amlasar Gandhak 6 Masha and Misri 6 Tola. They should be grinded finely.

When two or three clear diarrhea occur, then the medicine should be started from the next day. On the day of diarrhea, eat only khichdi-kadhi. Little by little water should be drunk slowly several times. The medicine is only pathyadi kwath. There are two types of pathyadi kwath. One for liver-spleen, the other for head diseases. Here’s the second take. Ready-made is also available in the market.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Migraine

Harad + Bahera + Amla + Salicylic + Turmeric + Neem bark + Giloy – Take all these medicines in equal quantity and take thick code. If Neemki bark and Giloy are mixed fresh, the decoction becomes faster and more effective. The above 15 grams or one and a half tola prepared powder should be boiled in 200 grams of water. After 50 grams of water remains, mash it and filter it. After filtering, add 10 grams of jaggery or sugar or 5 grams of black salt to this decoction. Do not cover the vessel while making the decoction. This decoction should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach and at night while sleeping.

After taking the decoction, rest for 30 minutes. If vomiting occurs after taking the decoction, it is very good. In that very moment the headache will be cured. Although it should be taken with Guggul, but pure Guggul is not available everywhere. Therefore, 3 tablets of Yograj Guggulki can be given in its place. Pathyadi Kwath is also beneficial in head diseases as well as in temple pain, Suryavarta (a sharp pain with rising sun), toothache, eye diseases and colic and ear-related diseases.

Simple and new headache gets better by taking medicine only for a week or ten days. In chronic diseases, Pathyadi Kwath should be taken for twenty days or more. All the components of this Kwatha are useful and chemicals for the body. About 30-35 years ago, Bombay’s well-known Vaidya Pt. Shivsharman had treated a Hungarian actress only with this quatrain.

If the patient is suffering from Suryavarta (in this the headache increases with the rising of the sun and becomes very intense in the afternoon and subsides by the afternoon or evening) then wake him up early in the morning (3-4 o’clock) 2 to 4 rattitaka kapardak bhasma (yellow cowry bhasma) one gram Gudka should be given with halwa or peda. This incense should not be licked alone, the tongue bursts.

If along with headache, the patient has a complaint of cold, chronic tuberculosis, then Godanti Bhasma with Sitopaladi churna and Giloy Sattva should be licked with Chyawanprash or honey in the morning and evening. After the meal, drink Draksharishta and Ashwagandharishta mixed with some water. Due to this the migraine attack is delayed or becomes mild. Keep the pathyadi kwath on as well.

In women, there is often a disturbance of menstruation in the complaint of headache. Month is not clear. Rajahpravartani Vati is the best in this. Take 1-1 or 2-2 watts of hot water five days before the date of arrival of the month. Sometimes leukorrhea can also cause migraine. Before medicines like Ashokarishta etc., treat leucorrhoea – or give medicine for leukorrhea along with medicine. The last thing about migraine is that if it is related to the weakness of the eyes or due to the defect, then eye-therapy should be done.

Note : This Ayurvedic remedy and treatment is a common useful remedy. If you are infected with a serious disease, do not take any measures without consulting a doctor or medical professional.

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