Bell’s Palsy (Facial Paralysis) | Symptoms, Causes & Home Remedies

Paralysis can be a life-threatening disease and it can happen anyway. Stroke is the most common cause of facial paralysis. Stroke causes bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) because it damages the facial muscles that control nerves within the brain. This damage can occur as a result of limited oxygen flow to the brain cells or as a result of excess pressure exerted along that area due to bleeding. There are many other causes of facial palsy and they include any of the autoimmune diseases, congenital conditions, tumors in the neck or head, ear infections or damage, Lyme disease, Ramsay-Hunt syndrome (facial nerve Viral attack), any facial injury, skull fracture. Here are some home remedies that can help the patient to overcome paralysis of the mouth.

What is Bell’s Palsy (Facial Paralysis) ?

Bell’s Palsy is a condition characterized by the sudden onset of facial muscle weakness or paralysis, typically on one side of the face. In Bell’s palsy, one side of the face becomes paralyzed. Also called facial paralysis. In this, there is a relaxation of some kind of muscles of the face and the face starts appearing crooked or hanging on one side. But have you ever wondered why this happens?

There are 12 cranial nerves in our brain. Out of this, the seventh nerve, which is called facial nerve, causes paralysis on one side of the face. However, there are many other reasons behind this facial nerve disturbances and paralysis on the face due to it, so let us know about it in detail.

Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy (Facial Paralysis)

  • Crooked on one side of the face
  • Water coming out of one side of the mouth while drinking water.
  • Food sticks in one side cheek.
  • There is slight pain around the ear.
  • Sudden feeling of weakness on the face
  • Mouth begins to slant to one side
  • Spit or saliva starts coming out from one side of the mouth.
  • Eyes are not able to close on one side, due to which dryness starts in the eyes.
  • Sudden weakness will be felt in the body and this weakness will go on increasing.
  • There is difficulty in closing and opening the eyelids and mouth.

Which People Have More Problems ?

  • Those who have more problems with diabetes
  • Those who have a lung infection
  • Any woman who is pregnant
  • If there is a family history of Belsi Palsy in the family

Causes of Bell’s Palsy (Facial Paralysis)

  • According to the doctor, due to viral infection, the mouth also starts turning crooked from one side.
  • In 90 percent of the cases, it is seen that the paralysis on the face is due to herpes infection. This infection is similar to chickenpox. ,
  • Filling of mucus inside the ear also causes the problem of Bell’s Palsy.
  • Due to head injury, there is paralysis on the face. Injuries to the inside of the ear can cause bleeding and clot formation.

Other signs of weakness on the face cause mouth paralysis :

1) Ramsay Hunt Syndrome :

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a type of viral infection. There is pain around the ear. In addition other cranial nerves may be affected. This can lead to hearing loss and numbness.

2) Stroke :

Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy appear gradually on the face. But in a stroke, suddenly the power of one side of the face can be lost. In this, there is a problem in raising the hands above the head. The main cause of stroke is damage to the muscles that control the face. They get damaged due to lack of oxygen or due to excessive bleeding or injury.

3) Skull Fractures :

Facial weakness can also be caused by a fracture in the skull. The vein that connects to the middle of the ear is connected to the skull. The facial nerve goes through this bone, which causes weakness in the face.

4) Neck Injury :

Injuries to the upper part of the neck cause weakness in the face.

5) Ear Disease :

There is weakness on the face due to swelling in the ear, especially in the middle of the ear.

6) Ear Surgery :

If surgery has been done in the ear, then it can also cause problems to the face.

7) Bacterial Infection :

Lyme disease is caused by insect bites. Which can bring weakness in the muscles of the face. Facial paralysis is not a terminal disease. On seeing its initial symptoms, this disease can be cured with medical help. Doctors believe that it can also be cured by doing exercises at home. This disease is caused by the narrowing or over-tension of the brain nerve. So do not take too much stress and consult a doctor if there is a problem.

Home Remedies for Bell’s Palsy (Mouth/Facial Paralysis)

1) Vitamin :

Since nerve damage can lead to paralysis of the mouth, consuming more vitamins will help in a quicker recovery. Diseases that damage the immune system also cause facial paralysis. In any case, the vitamins will help promote the functioning of the nervous system and boost your health. Ask your doctor which vitamins are right for you.

2) Zinc and Other Minerals :

It is essential to have a good immune system to boost your defense against diseases. Consume more zinc in food so that your nerves and cells can be strengthened. Minerals can be found naturally in food or in supplement forms. If you decide to take supplements, take them as directed by your doctor.

3) Licorice Root :

The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in this herb makes it very suitable for dealing with oral paralysis. Patients consuming this root will be able to reduce the pain and swelling associated with the disease. To use this home remedy, boil two cups of water. Put two pieces of root in boiling water. Drink it as a tea twice a day to get the best results.

4) Cod Liver Oil :

In this remedy the deficiency of Vitamin D and A class can be fulfilled. As a major source of omega-3, it may play a beneficial role in relieving paralysis of the mouth. To get the best results from this home remedy, take the dosage of cod oil as directed (written on the bottle).

5) Cayenne Pepper :

Cayenne pepper has properties that are excellent for the treatment of oral paralysis. This herb will promote blood circulation to the nerve endings of the head and facial areas. Just consume more of this spice in your meals to get its health benefits.

6) Mustard :

To use this home remedy, mix mustard oil with another oil (baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil). This will help dilute the oil so that it doesn’t burn. Massage the face with this oil for several minutes. When you are done, rinse your mouth with water.

7) Lip Exercise :

Follow these instructions to do lip exercises :

  • Use your hands to draw the lips closer.
  • Pull the upper lip to touch the tip of your nose.
  • Maintain the position for a few seconds.
  • Do this ten times in a row.

Treatment of Bell’s Palsy (Facial Paralysis)

Treatment of Paralysis on one side of the face are as follows :

1) Oral Steroids :

According to the doctor, people of Balsi palsy are given oral steroids. It reduces swelling of the face. This gives relief. The doctor says that we give such steroids thinking that the swelling inside the face will be reduced but it will work completely, nothing can be said on this yet.

2) Antiviral Drug :

In case of paralysis on one side of the face, antiviral drugs are given to the patients. Which works against virus. The doctor says that some people believe that by applying the paste, the paralysis on one side of the face will be cured, so nothing can be said on it yet.

3) Regular Physiotherapy :

Paralysis on one side of the face is not an incurable disease. It is possible to treat it when the initial symptoms appear. To cure it, doctors recommend doing physiotherapy.

4) Special eye care :

According to the doctor, special care is taken of the eyes to deal with this disease. Its patients have to cover the eyes with a patch.

5) Artificial Tier :

People who are paralyzed on the face should use artificial tears at night. This keeps the eyes lubricated.

6) Attempt to chew the food :

Use both sides of the cheeks to chew the food. The muscles affected by this will work.

7) Fabrication :

During the treatment of paralysis on the face, there is pain due to swelling on the face. To cure that pain, heat a cloth and apply it on the face. The cloth should be so hot that it does not burn your face. Teach that clothes.

8) Wear glasses :

Dust should not go in the eyes, for this you must wear glasses while going out.

Facial Paralysis in Ayurveda

Ardit (paralysis of the mouth) Facial paralysis. This disease causes (suffering) of the mouth by air. That is why this disease has been named Ardit. According to ayurveda, it is difficult to speak in a loud voice, due to eating too hard substances, by laughing too loudly, by yawning or by carrying more burden than physical capacity, by sleeping on high and low ground, due to scorching air head, nose, lips, The beard, spreading in the joints of the frontal and eyes, afflicts the mouth, causing Ardit disease.

In this disease, half of the mouth becomes crooked, the neck is also twisted, the head starts trembling, there is obstruction (problem) in speaking. There is also deformity in the eyes, nose, neck, beard and teeth, as well as there is pain in the deformed side and neck etc. In the symptoms of this disease, the whole body starts trembling with excitement, the eyes remain discolored, the skin of the mouth remains numb and prick-like, belching comes more. The carotid (posterior part of the cervix) and beard are clogged.

According to the allopathic system of medicine, the deformity of the mouth can be addressed by the name of ‘facial paralysis’. This 7th pulse is the result of a deformity of the facial nerve. In common parlance, this disease is also known as ‘paralysis of the mouth’. The great Ayurvedacharya ‘Sushruta’ has also fixed the boundary of ‘Ardit’ as the face. Sushruta says about the incurability of this disease.

क्षीणस्यानि मिषक्षस्य प्रसक्ता व्यक्त भाषिणः।

न सिध्यत्यर्दितं गाठ त्रिषर्ष वेपनस्य च॥

That is, those patients who are very weak, cannot blink their eyes and who cannot speak clearly or clearly, whose disease is 3 years old or there is continuous discharge from nose, eyes and mouth and If the patient is also suffering from tremors, then that disease is incurable. If there is a malformation of the 7th pulse when there is bleeding in the Intinal capsule, then it is ‘Ardit’ incurable. Generally, Ardit is incurable even if it is scarred under the cranium. But if it gets cold due to excessive cold outside the skull, then it is achievable.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Facial Paralysis

1) On starting the treatment of the patient suffering from this disease, first of all, soft purgation must be given for the purification of the patient’s stomach. For this, putting 2-3 spoons of castor oil (castor oil) in lukewarm milk every night at bedtime should be directed to the patient to drink. To the patient suffering from this disease, put 50 grams of Dashmool Kwath powder in one liter of milk, 20 grams of nirgudi leaves, 4-4 pieces of Aak leaves and castor leaves, make the patient steam in a closed place and take this precaution while applying steam.

Take care that the patient should not get strong steam, otherwise there may be loss instead of benefit. Prepare the paralytic oil described behind and massage it on the affected area or prepare the oil mentioned below and keep it safe and massage this oil. Make a pulp (kalk) by grinding 25-25 grams each of white kaner (any kaner) root bark, black datura leaf and white gooseberry each in water. Then this caulk is mixed in 250 ml of mustard oil. Mix it and burn it on the flame. After that filter the oil and keep it safe and use it.

The patient should be given Rasraj 1 gm, pure crushed 2 gm, Ekangvir juice 2 gm, 3 gm of Vata Gajakunsh juice and 10 gm of Ajmodadi churna to the patient by making 10 quantities (pudiya) by putting all these medicines in 1-1 quantity of honey twice a day in the morning and evening. Consume in moderation. Mix Triodashang Guggal and Punarnavadi Mandoor 1 tablet and take it twice a day with water at 10 am and 5 pm. Maharasnadi Kwath, Ashwagandharishta and Drakshasav Special 10-10 ml each twice a day after meals. Take equal part of water and drink it.

Apart from this, advise to put 2 drops in the nose and ear by Mahanarayan oil dropper twice a day in the morning and evening. The method of nasya is that the patient should lie down on the cot and put oil by hanging his head down from the cot and draw his breath upwards and lie in that position for some time.

Note : Under allopathic medicine, massage is prohibited in diseases like Ardit, Paralysis etc. But in ayurveda there is a clear instruction of mardan and swedana for external treatment and it is also beneficial.

2) Grind 20 grams of flax seeds (by making powder) and mix it with honey, taking it once a day and night continuously for a month, it is very beneficial in Ardit disease.

Special : Make the patient follow the diet mentioned in the paralysis and rheumatism described in the back and use garlic in the food in excess. If garlic does not suit the patient (heats it), then fry garlic in ghee and consume it.

When to See a Doctor ?

You should see the doctor only if there are initial symptoms of paralysis on one side of the face. If this disease is treated on time, then it gets cured quickly. In the initial symptoms, this disease can be cured with exercise at home. Most people are 100% correct.


Is Bell’s Palsy permanent?
In most cases, Bell’s Palsy is temporary and the majority of people recover within a few weeks to months. However, in rare instances, some degree of facial weakness may persist.

How is Bell’s Palsy diagnosed?
Diagnosis is usually based on the characteristic symptoms and exclusion of other potential causes of facial paralysis. Sometimes, additional tests such as an MRI or electromyography (EMG) may be performed.

What is the treatment for Bell’s Palsy?
Treatment often includes corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and swelling of the facial nerve. Antiviral medications may also be prescribed if a viral cause is suspected. Physical therapy and eye care are important components of treatment.

Are there complications associated with Bell’s Palsy?
While most people recover fully, there can be complications such as residual facial weakness, synkinesis (involuntary facial muscle movements), and rarely, long-term facial disfigurement.

Can Bell’s Palsy be prevented?
There is no known way to prevent Bell’s Palsy. However, maintaining overall good health and managing stress may reduce the risk of developing the condition.

Can Bell’s Palsy recur?
While it’s rare, Bell’s Palsy can recur in some individuals. Recurrence is more common in those who have had multiple episodes.

When should I seek medical attention for Bell’s Palsy?
If you experience sudden facial weakness or paralysis, it’s essential to seek immediate medical attention as early treatment can improve the chances of a full recovery.

Is Bell’s Palsy contagious?
No, Bell’s Palsy itself is not contagious. It is believed to be associated with viral infections, but it is not directly transmitted from person to person.

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