Toothache | Types, Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

Toothache is a common problem, but it is extremely unbearable. Toothache does not come alone. It envelops with itself the entire area on the side of which the tooth is sore. Severe headache, tingling in gums and toothache. Toothache can occur at any age. Dental pain can be relieved by improving diet, cleanliness and home remedies.

What is Toothache (Tooth Pain) ?

Toothache is a common problem that many people suffer from. As small as this problem sounds, it is actually much more serious than that. When you have a toothache, it becomes difficult for you to speak, eat and drink and even talk. Sometimes the pain is so severe that your entire mouth may swell.

Toothache can often bother due to eating cold-hot food, calcium deficiency in the body, cavity or bacterial infection in the teeth. Sometimes it becomes difficult to tolerate the sharp pain of the teeth in the middle of the night, due to which the sleep of the whole house goes away along with you. 

Tooth pain often happens to those people who consume too much of hard things. Apart from this, bacteria and infection can also cause it. Inside the tooth is the pulp, which is filled with nerve tissue and blood vessels. These nerves with this pulp are the most sensitive in your body. When these nerves become infected with bacteria, they can cause severe pain.

Types of Toothache

There are two types of toothache (Teeth pain) :

  • There is a sharp pain in the teeth, which is called sharp tooth pain. It happens very fast while eating something, or while talking.
  • Pain in this is due to eating too hot or cold food. This pain is also called dull tooth pain. It is lighter and lasts longer.

Causes of Toothache

These can be the reasons for tooth pain :

  • Dental care is essential for healthy teeth. If the teeth are not taken care of, there is a fear of getting worms in the teeth. This causes cavities in the teeth. This causes toothache.
  • Weakening of the roots of the teeth. By cleaning the teeth in the wrong way, the roots of the teeth become weak. This causes pain in the teeth.
  • Broken teeth also cause pain in the teeth.
  • During the extraction of wisdom tooth, there is unbearable pain in the teeth.
  • Eating too many sweets also causes toothache. After eating sweets, food particles remain on the teeth and gums. These germs produce acid, which damages the teeth. This infection reaches the roots of the teeth and causes pain in the teeth.
  • Due to the lack of calcium, the teeth become weak, due to which there is a pain in the teeth.
  • Pain starts due to bacterial infection in the teeth.

Causes of Teeth Pain in Children

The problem of toothache is often seen in young children. There is a high risk of bacterial infection due to children eating more sweets and not keeping the teeth clean properly. Because of this, a cavity is formed in their teeth. This causes pain.

What is Wisdom Tooth ?

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. In many people it comes even after 25 years. They are very strong. These teeth come last, so when they do not get space, they put pressure on the gums and teeth. This causes unbearable pain. The pain of wisdom teeth lasts for about a day or two, or sometimes even for three days.

There can be severe pain as well as headache. The person has difficulty in chewing food. There is swelling in the gums. Sometimes the pain of wisdom teeth comes suddenly. Sometimes this pain comes slowly and gradually. Therefore, this problem can be detected in advance by going to the dentist every 6 months.

Symptoms of Toothache (Tooth Pain)

Toothache or jaw pain are both common types of problems. The stimulation (reaction) caused by the consumption of hot or cold things increases and takes the form of pain. Even after the aggravation is over, the pain in the teeth continues for some time. The pain may become more severe as the swelling increases at the site of pain. Its pain and swelling spreads to the cheek, ear and jaw.

Apart from this, there are some other signs and symptoms which may require more care, such as:

  • Pain while chewing something.
  • Increased sensitivity to cold and hot things.
  • Weakening of the grip between the teeth and gums and bleeding.
  • Swelling around the teeth or in the jaw.
  • Injury or trauma to the tooth site.

Sometimes these signs and symptoms are associated with tooth decay, fractures, or gum disease. Reddening of the gums around the teeth or tooth decay, both of which are usually the root cause of the pain. In this condition, the pain becomes more intense if you press on the infected tooth or try to move it.

Lifestyle During Toothache (Teeth pain)

Your lifestyle should be like this during toothache :

  • Rinse thoroughly after eating anything.
  • Minimize the intake of sweet and sticky foods.
  • Do not eat too cold and too hot things.
  • Brush your teeth regularly in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Get your teeth checked by your dentist every 6 months.
  • If you want to reduce swelling and get rid of toothache, then you can also use ice pack.

Prevention Tips for Toothache

  • Gargle and swish the salted warm water around in your mouth.
  • Warm or cold compress helps in reducing gum pain.
  • Drink herbal tea.
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly and properly.
  • Don’t be harsh when brushing.
  • Gently using a warm tea bag on the area of sore gums.
  • Clean mouth after eating.
  • Avoid tobacco use.
  • Do not consume hot and cold products together.

Home Remedies for Toothache

In allopathic treatment, only the tooth pain is suppressed for some time, and for this it is said to eat pain killers, analgesics or antibiotics. There is also a risk of side-effects in the body from allopathic medicines. Instead, it is beneficial to adopt home remedies to get instant relief from toothache, which are :

1) Keeping a clove under the tooth gives instant relief from toothache. Clove oil is also effective in relieving pain.

2) Mix a pinch of asafoetida in lime juice and apply it on cotton. Keep it near the aching tooth. This is one of the best home remedies to get instant relief from toothache.

3) Garlic has natural antibacterial properties which can be use to relieve toothache. You can crush garlic and apply it on the affected area or chew a piece of garlic. It will give relief from pain and reduce swelling.

4) Turmeric is a natural antibiotic. A paste of turmeric, salt and mustard oil should be applied on the aching tooth. It acts like a toothache medicine quickly and gives instant relief from pain.

5) Onions destroy the bacteria and bacteria of the mouth due to their properties. In case of toothache, keep a piece of onion near the tooth, or chew it.

6) Cut the potato into small pieces and chew it well raw. This gives relief from toothache in some time.

7) Put cotton in water and squeeze it. Sprinkle baking soda in it, then rub it well on the aching tooth. Apart from this, add baking soda to lukewarm water and rinse with it. In case of toothache, instead of taking medicine, first try this home remedy, it gives instant relief in toothache.

8) Mix black pepper powder and salt in equal quantity for the pain caused by feeling cold and hot in the teeth. Make a paste by adding a few drops of water to it. Apply it on the painful area and leave it for a few minutes.

9) Clean the fresh leaves of the guava tree and keep it in the mouth and chew it or boil the fresh leaves of the guava tree in water and cool it. Add salt to it and rinse. Guava leaves have anti-bacterial properties. Using this gives instant relief in toothache.

10) Rinse with hydrogen peroxide. It cures pain and inflammation. Removes bacteria. Apart from this, it also removes the problem of plaque attached to the teeth and bleeding gums.

11) If toothache is due to some injury, then you can do cold compress, it will give you instant relief from pain. For this, you can get relief by applying cold compress on your cheeks at the painful place.

12) The use of wheatgrass also gives relief in toothache, for this you can use wheatgrass juice by filling it in your mouth and keeping wheatgrass on the painful place, you can get relief from pain for some time.

13) You can use peppermint tea bag in toothache, it also gives you temporary relief for some time. For this, you can get relief from pain for some time by keeping peppermint tea bag on the painful place for some time.

14) The use of celery leaf is a very effective home remedy to get rid of toothache, in which chewing celery leaves on the painful place gives relief in pain.

15) Sorghum (Jowar) is a natural antibiotic, which helps fight bacteria and infections. Just grind it a little and keep chewing its powder. Later spit it out. You will see that you have got a lot of relief from the pain.

16) Rock salt has been considered very beneficial. Mixing it in lukewarm water and gargling it kills all the bacteria present in the mouth. Actually, it can also happen due to the pain in the tooth and the bacteria accumulated around it. But when you gargle with rock salt mixed with water, the swelling of the gums reduces and you will get a lot of relief from the pain.

17) Vanilla helps a lot in curing toothache. Simply put a few drops of vanilla juice on a cotton ball and keep it on the aching tooth for about 15 minutes. Rest for a few minutes and you will feel the pain gradually subsiding.

18) Lemon is widely used for both taste and health. It is rich in Vitamin C and can provide relief from toothache. For this, you have to apply a piece of lemon on the place of toothache, the pain can be reduce by this.

19) Mustard oil is use for cooking in almost every household. It has been used for a long time to get relief from toothache. For this, by mixing a pinch of salt in oil and massaging the gums, relief from toothache can be found.

20) Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil and fry about 4 cloves in it. Cool this mixture and grind it to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on the sore gums and leave it for 5 minutes. Gargle your mouth with normal lukewarm water.

When to Contact the Doctor for Toothache ?

Most people start eating pain medicine as soon as they have a toothache, while you should first try the home remedies mentioned above. If there is no relief from toothache even after these home remedies, then contact the nearest doctor. You can contact the doctor in these conditions :

  • If the toothache persists for more than a day, and home remedies are not providing relief.
  • Bleeding and foul smell from the gums.
  • If the pain caused by wisdom teeth is getting too much.

Disclaimer : This content provides general information only including advice. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details.

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